What's New

Fall, 2013

Mr. Reeves, on the Antique Radio Forums (ARF) found a few of the missing RCA 1958 edition. Those are now scanned and in place, adding "Study Group 8" and part of "Study Group 9". Anyone who has the "Service Practices 35 and 36", please contact me (below).

Also discovered that eBay seller "james3759" appears to have slurped the 1930 and 1958 RCA series from this site and is selling them for $9.99 on CD! He is even missing the same items I'm missing! What's even more amazing is that someone paid him!

Current Radio Of the Month Club: Hallicrafters WR-700, not yet completely debugged.

Previous Radio Of the Month Club: Heathkit XR-1, an eBay find, $15, which was in surprisingly good shape. I hated to replace a couple of electrolytics, but realignment brought it back to 1957 goodness.

Summer, 2012


(Radio Of The Month Club — The current model of Antique Radio on my desk at work.)